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Arby’s Franchise Support

ARG runs more than 1,000 restaurants, and we leverage our know-how to help franchisees generate results


Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. owns more than 1,000 Arby’s locations, which makes us, essentially, the largest franchisee of our own Brand.

This research report is insider information about what it's like to be an Arby's franchisee. Click here for the free report.What does that mean for franchisees? It means that, like you, we’re focused on the bottom line. We’re focused on operational excellence. How do we deliver outstanding guest service and run an efficient restaurant to maximize ROI?

Training and support for restaurant teams

Our philosophy for achieving operational excellence is simple: It begins with people. Our operational support is designed to help good restaurant teams become great restaurant teams. It starts with strong general managers. Typically, general managers who are “A” players run “A” locations.

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We also work with franchisees to help instill a culture of excellent guest service and teamwork. We explain our purpose — Inspiring Smiles Through Delicious Experiences — to crews and send them into the community with coupons to hand out to potential guests at nearby businesses. We call our program Brand Champ, and it has helped a lot of young members of the team realize how professionalism, attitude, and service touches the lives of everyone around them and builds brand affinity.